Call for participants: Covid passport and contact tracing for care homes

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Dr Ser-Huang Poon (Professor at Alliance Manchester Business School, Sovrin SSI Guardianship and Covid Credential Initiatives, Turing Fellow, Alan Turing Institute for Data Sci & AI, Founder & Trustee, EnduringNet - Reg no. 1186332) has been awarded an Innovate UK grant to develop privacy preserving digital passports for use in care home (by visitors, employees and residents).  The project team is working closely with Independent Living, a Blackpool based day-care centre for elderly, dementia and special needs in collaboration with Sthaler-Fingopay, Age Agile Alliance, StreetCred, Sovrin Self-Sovereign-Identity Guardianship WG, and Covid Credential Initiatives.

We are in the process of joining a UK based EU project on covid tracing (using mobile phone signal, blue tooth, and digital credential footprint) complementing NHS covid track and trace. One of our solutions is based on biometrics to cater for the millions of people who do not use mobile phone, have no internet, and in some cases have no legal identity.

We are seeking participation from senior management who are digital champions and can make decisions to engage, from

  1. NHS, test centres, local authorities, post office certification service, or other trusted bodies to certify the covid tests results, and existing health conditions that make individual more susceptible to covid fatality.
  2. Care homes who are willing to be interviewed and/or take part in the trial and beta testing. 

 For more information, contact Professor Ser-Huang Poon

Mobile: 07831 362 346


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