XVI International Triple Helix Conference

Venue: The University of Manchester

Sorry, this event has now ended.

The Triple Helix & Beyond- A New Era

Across the world, states and city regions are facing huge societal, economic, environmental, and political challenges whose solutions require concerted new efforts and innovative partnerships. The 2018 International Triple Helix Conference brings together academia, government, business, and community to share effective practices and to advance the frontiers of knowledge about collaboration for economic progress, social development and sustainability, and the role of cities and regions as enabling spaces for these interactions.

Conference Themes

  • Geographical and sectoral dimensions of the triple helix
  • Policy and governance of triple helix
  • The triple helix in transition and emerging economies
  • Social responsible innovation and the quadruple helix
  • Micro foundations of the triple helix; New actors, relationships and business models.

Keynote Speakers

Iain Buchan- Microsoft Research

Maryann Feldman- University of North Carolina, USA

Maureen McKelvey- University of Gothenberg, Sweden