Wuthering Bytes Technology Festival

Venue: Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Wuthering Bytes is awe-inspiring exciting festival of technology and innovation set in the heart of the Pennines. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to fantastic speakers, discover fascinating insights and amazing stories on science, software, design and hardware. 

Featured events include:

  • ORConf- ORConf is an open source digital design and embedded systems conference, covering areas of electronics from the transistor level up to Linux user space and beyond. Expect presentations and discussion on free and open source IP projects, implementations on FPGA and in silicon, verification, EDA tools, licensing and embedded software, to name a few.
  • Open Source Hardware Camp & Workshops- Annual conference of the Open Source Hardware User Group, featuring talks and hands-on workshops covering a diverse range of topics related electronics, hardware hacking, open source, tools, techniques and more. Tickets are £10 per day and this includes a light lunch and refreshments.
  • Chip Hacks EDSAC- Chip Hack provides a gentle introduction to programming FPGAs (programmable chips) and is aimed at complete novices with no prior experience of Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) or FPGAs. This two and a half day hands-on workshop has previously been run in London and Cambridge, with both being fully booked out within a matter of days of registration opening. In 2017 Chip Hack is being updated to make use of the new myStorm low cost FPGA board and open source IceStorm toolchain and in celebration of the BCS 60th anniversary will be recreating the 1940's EDSAC valve computer on FPGA.

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