Webinar: Text-Mining: Basic Processes

Time: 13.00 - 14.00

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Text-mining is one of many data-mining techniques that social scientists are using to turn unstructured (or more accurately, semi-unstructured) material into structured material that can be analysed statistically. In this way, researchers are gaining access to new materials and methods that were previously unavailable. As such, it is increasingly important that social scientists have a clear understanding of what text-mining is (and what is isn't) as well as how to use text-mining to achieve some basic and more advanced research outcomes.

This free webinar, organised by the UK Data Service, is the second in a series of three on understanding and using text-mining methods within social science research contexts.

Webinar two will dive into the steps needed to do some of the most common text-mining analyses and will be accompanied by an online interactive notebook that allows participants to see, edit and execute the demonstrated code.

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