UKRI Workshop on AI for Science and Research

Time: 13.00 - 17.00

Venue: Royal Academy of Engineering, London, SW1Y 5DG

Sorry, this event has now ended.

In May 2019, UKRI held four broad community workshops to gather initial input from the community from across UKRI’s remit. The outputs of the workshops have led to the identification of specific areas for further investigation, one of these being 'AI for Science and Research.' 

The objectives of the AI for Science and Research workstream are:

- To identify examples of how AI is currently being used to transform Science and Research (both in the UK and internationally)

- To highlight areas which could potentially be transformed through the use of AI for Science and Research

- To assess the current capability (in research, infrastructure, skills and funding) and identify the barriers to the exploration of AI for Science and Research

- Explore what UKRI can do to help enable the potential of using AI for Science and Research to be realised

UKRI are holding a half-day workshop to bring together participants across a broad range of disciplines to enable cross-fertilisation of ideas (e.g. how to transfer techniques applied in one discipline to another) and the identification of key common themes, opportunities and challenges.

To participate, please contact Melanie Buckley at the link attached by 12th September 2019.