Revealing the Enigma: X-ray imaging the machine that Turing cracked

Time: 16:15

Venue: G107, Alan Turing Building

Sorry, this event has now ended.

On November 14th, a 1941 Germany Army Enigma machine will be coming to The University of Manchester's Alan Turing Building

This special lecture will showcase the Enigma and work conducted by the Henry Royce Institute to reveal a new perspective on the machine, with 3D images taken using X-Ray CT technology.

Speakers from the Schools of Maths and Computer Science will also give their perspective on Alan Turing and his enduring legacy at the University of Manchester.

X-Ray Imaging the Enigma

The University of Manchester and the Henry Royce Institute will receive a 1941 German Army Enigma machine typically held on display at Bletchley Park, once home to codebreakers during World War II.

Materials science researchers based within the Alan Turing Building will scan the Engima using the latest technology in the Henry Moseley X-Ray Imaging lab. The X-Ray CT techniques used will aim to provide a unique look inside the legendary cipher machine, producing images which can be constructed into a 3D model.

Turing’s Legacy

Drawing on the friendly rivalry and debate about whether Alan Turing was a mathematician or a computer scientist, staff from both schools at the University of Manchester will provide insights into his revolutionary contributions. Turing’s work at Manchester is increasingly relevant in society today, particularly his influence on the cryptography that underpins computer security and his pioneering work on the artificial intelligence that underpins developments in robotics, self-driving cars, and automation.