NewMind Network @ MEIbioeng 2016

Venue: Keble College, University of Oxford

Sorry, this event has now ended.

The NewMind Network for Mental Health technologies will be hosting two sessions at this year's MEIbioeng Conference.

These sessions will be an opportunity to learn more about NewMind, as well as hear presentations from members of the network involved in research in the field of technology for mental health across a range of different clinical and Engineering & Physical Science domains.

Details for each session are available below and you can register for MEIbioeng 2016 Conference here

14:15 -15:30 NewMind & Technology for Mental Health: what works & what the future holds (1)


Led by


Introducing NewMind

Prof Chris Taylor (Associate VP Research)

University of Manchester

Workshop discussion: Refreshing the Research Roadmap

Software Engineering Challenges in Digital Mental Health Research

Dr Pauline Whelan (mHealth Applications Manager,  Centre for Health Informatics)

University of Manchester

Interactive involvement in, and access to, MH care planning

Dr Helen Brooks (Research Fellow, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work)

University of Manchester

Early signs of Dementia in Recording of User-Computer Interaction

Prof Alistair Sutcliffe (Professor of Systems Engineering, Manchester Business School)

University of Manchester & Lancaster University

16:10 - 17: NewMind & Technology for Mental Health: what works & what the future holds (2)


Led by



Prof Chris Taylor (Associate VP Research) / Dan Morley (Project & Business Development Manager)

University of Manchester

Automated Monitoring of Symptom Severity

Prof Maarten De Vos (Associate Professor of Engineering Science, Biomedical Engineering)

University of Oxford

Diagnosing mental health disorders using computerised decision trees

Prof Eef Hogervorst (Professor in Psychology)

Loughborough University

A computer decision support system for detecting and managing risks associated with mental-health problems

Dr Christopher Buckingham (Senior Lecturer, Engineering & Applied Science)

Aston University

Tactile Biofeedback for a Personalised Mental Health Intervention

Dr Eiman Kanjo (Senior Lecturer, School of Science & Technology)

Nottingham Trent University

The EIP Matrix: an online tool that allows Early Intervention in Psychosis teams to have real time visualised data on the level of fidelity to NICE recommendations

Sarah Amani (Senior Programme Manager, Early Intervention in Psychosis Preparedness Programme)

Oxford Academic Health Science Network