Methodological Innovations To Meet 21st Century Societal Challenges Conference

Time: 9am - 5pm

Venue: Roscoe Building, University of Manchester

Sorry, this event has now ended.

This conference, co-organised by the Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research and methods@manchester, is multi-disciplinary and focuses on methodological innovation in a wide range of fields including sociology, economics, criminology, health and geography. The methods showcased are diverse and range from new automated approaches to dealing with large scale ‘noisy’ forms of big data to more personalised strategies that centre on co-production and citizen involvement. A key theme of the conference is highlighting methodological innovation across the stages of the research process, i.e. from initial research design to data collection, the use of extant data sources, analysis, the presentation and dissemination of results, and engaging with the public.

The morning will begin with a keynote presentation, ‘Reflections on Methodological innovation: Challenges and opportunities’ from Professor Jane Elliott, University of Exeter.

In the afternoon, Dr Tom Smith, Managing Director of the new ONS Data Science Campus will deliver his keynote, ‘New forms of data for official statistics’.

The conference will also feature activities for participants and a range of presentations throughout the day. More information is available on these sessions here.

Registration closes on 31 May 2019.