Medical Robotics Seminar

Time: 12:30

Venue: Theatre 6, 3rd Floor, Stopford Building, The University of Manchester

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Medical Robotics: Magnetic swimming microrobots for biosensing and targeted delivery

By Prof Li Zhang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Abstract: People have envisioned tiny machines and robots that can explore the human body, find and treat diseases since Richard Feynman’s famous speech, “There's plenty of room at the bottom,” in which the idea of a “swallowable surgeon” was proposed in the 1950s. Even though we are at a state of infancy to achieve this vision, recent intense progress on nanotechnology, MEMS/NEMS technology and micro-/nanorobotics has accelerated the pace toward the goal. A number of research efforts have been recently published regarding the development of tiny swimming machines/robots from the basic principles and fabrication methods to practical applications. I will present the recent research progress in my lab on using magnetic swimming microrobots for biosensing and targeted delivery [1-7], from the design, manufacturing, functionalization and remote control, to perspective of using these small agents for biomedical applications in vitro and in vivo.