Manchester Modelling Network - Modelling & Health

Time: 12:00 - 17:30

Venue: Renold Building, Room E1, Altrincham St, The University of Manchester M1 7JA

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Modelling is a major activity in Manchester. There is an enormous breadth of modelling techniques and applications. Thus modelling goes from particle physics to cosmology, from quantum mechanics to rheology from modelling electronic devices up to oil reservoirs, chemical plants and energy distribution systems, from the mathematics of non-linear dynamics up to the modelling of oceans, and from modelling life, to the live modelling of complex systems.

As part of the inaugural series of meetings organised by the Manchester Modelling Network (MMN) is the second meeting where the theme will be "Modelling and Health".

The meeting will start with a networking lunch, followed by six talks from expert speakers from various schools.  Each speaker will outline the role modelling can play in their area and a discussion will follow. There will then be an opportunity where the participants can hold small group discussions and/or quiz the speaker, with an aim to making concrete plans for collaborations and, hopefully, grant applications.

Please note that these will NOT be research talks. They are aimed at providing information about research opportunities for modellers in the field of Health. Thus this would be of most interest to staff, followed by PDRAs. Places limited to 60, use the book now button to register. 


12:00-12:45      Networking Lunch

12:45-12:55      Andrew Masters:  Welcome and Workshop logistics          

12:55-13:35      Hans V. Westerhoff: From modelling life, to the live modelling of complex systems

13:35-14:15      Philip J. Day: The generation game: making and shaping life 

14:15-15:00      Nicola Tirelli: title TBC

15:00-15:15      Tea Coffee break

15:15-15:35     Make a friend

15:35-16:15      Magnus Rattray: title TBC

16:15-16:45      Julian Davis: Modelling gene expression dynamics in cells and tissue

16h45-17h15      Mike White: title TBC

17:15-17:30      Discussion: Looking ahead / common interests and projects

17:30              Andrew Masters: Workshop closure