Future Infrastructure Systems

Time: 09:00

Venue: Digital Greenwich, Mitre Passage, London, SE10 0ER

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Innovate UK and KTN are have announced a new initiative in Future Infrastructure Systems, a major field of interest for those wishing to improve and optimise the provision of services in Energy, Connected Transport and Future City Systems. 

This initiative will focus on the integration of systems information and the complex nature of the engineering required to build and deliver real-time information services at scale. The benefits to the citizen will be an increased awareness of the services available, with opportunities to adapt their use of them. To the operator, the value will be increased visibility of service utilisation and engagement with end users for potential optimisation.

This event will attract key players from industry and academia together with key stakeholders in local Government. The aim is to develop a shared vision of the key requirements for integrating Infrastructure Systems and gain an appreciation of the strategies, capabilities and capacity that exists to enable the first steps to be taken. 

The four sessions will include:

  1. An overview of Infrastructure Systems and their importance in modern society
  2. Case studies of successful innovation in Infrastructure Systems from the target domains
  3. Insight into these complex systems and the challenges in integrating them as services
  4. Consideration of the strategic importance of this area and potential for investment to enable innovation

The results of this conference are expected to be the formation of a community of interested stakeholders and practitioners, who themselves will all be able to chart the way forwards and provide evidence to support further investment in this key area in 2017/18. 

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