Elastos - Innovation Capitalism through Blockchain Technology

Time: 14.00

Venue: Kilburn L.T 1.5, UoM

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Speaker: Dr Feng Han (Tsinghua University's iCentre)

Elastos is the world's first internet-based operating system which focuses on the redecentralisation of the internet, leveraging blockchain technology to secure identities. It utilises the internet as the base-layer infrastructure rather than as an application and uses decentralised ID's issued via the blockchain in place of standard IP addresses. As society becomes more and more connected through smart devices, IoT and with autonomous vehicles looming, network security is becoming more important than ever. Elastos addresses this as the emphasis is on the separation of network communications from application computing. As a result, applications are prohibited from direct access to the network which in turn minimises viruses and other malicious attacks such as middlemen or DDoS. The overarching philosophy of the Elastos Foundation is redefining the internet as we know it, to empower user innovation and in the process redistribute wealth more evenly through society via a new global economy. The creation of a secure, trustless 'smart web' opens opportunity for the conception of new profit models all in society can benefit from. Users will have total control of their information and content as data transferred over the network will be in the form of 'code'. This way all users can truly own their data. Drop by the seminar to find out how all this is possible and more.


Dr Feng (Sunny) Han is one of the most reputable blockchain thinkers from China. Dr Han has background in Quantum Physics and Computer Science and has taught physics in China. As a developer and course instructor at the Tsinghua University's iCentre, he initiated the postgraduate course series 'Cyber Intelligence Economics and Block Chain'. Feng's book 'Blockchain: On Quantum Wealth' was a 2017 best-seller on Amazon China. He is also Co-founder and an Executive Council Member of the Elastos project. Dr Han's various other activities include, Associate Dean of the Massachusetts Blockchain Research Institute, Blockchain Advisor at Huawei Central Institute, Secretary General of Asia Blockchain DACA (Distributed Autonomous Coalition of Asia) Association, blockchain development at Alibaba, and member of the Tencent Talent Pool to name a few.)