Digital Trust & Security Seminar with Guest Speakers Jamie Akhtar and Ben Koppelman, CyberSmart

Time: 12:45 – 14:00

Venue: Online session

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Jamie Akhtar and Ben Koppelman, CyberSmart

Event Schedule:

12:45 - Registration 

13:00 - Welcome and introduction with Dr Richard Allmendinger, Business Engagement Lead of Alliance Manchester Business School and Senior Lecturer in Data Science at The University of Manchester

13:10 - Guest speakers Jamie Akhtar and Ben Koppelman, CyberSmart

13:50 - Q&A 

14:00 - Event close 

Event Overview: The cybersecurity needs of SMEs are often overlooked yet they form the backbone of the digital economy. In this event, Jamie Akhtar will discuss how SMEs’ needs differ from those of larger enterprises, and how SMEs could be more effectively secured. Ben Koppelman will also share some research highlights from recent work to better understand and influence organisational behaviour, especially raising awareness about cybersecurity.

Speaker Bios: Jamie Akhtar is CEO of CyberSmart- a cybersecurity start-up turn scale-up that focuses on serving the security needs of SMEs. Jamie’s obsession with technology started at a young age, he has been building and breaking things since he could turn on a computer. He’s built over 100 web applications, served as the CTO of several organisations and wears a white hat as an ethical hacker. He is now founding CEO of CyberSmart, a venture-capital backed cyber security startup that provides automated compliance for SMEs.

Ben Koppelman leads CyberSmart's research and innovation work that includes exploring new incentives for organisational security. Previously Ben was consulting on the governance of emerging technologies, having spent over a decade at the Royal Society advising the Uk government on public policy and science and technology risk.