Delivering Digital Transformation: The Future of Public Services

Time: 8.30-16.30

Venue: America Square Conference Centre, London

Sorry, this event has now ended.

With the publication of the Government Transformation Strategy, the next phase of the digital revolution has been set out. The strategy calls for greater collaboration and aims to use digital government to deliver better public services, harness the value of data for better policymaking, and drive further efficiencies. An effective response to the complex challenges facing the public sector could not be more timely.

The pressures on public services are as well-known as they are widespread. Rising demand on services has coincided with reducing budgets to deliver them. Fuelled by an ageing population and a lengthy period of public austerity such demand has seen a range of services hit crisis point. Aligned with the rise of the smartphone, social media and instant access to information public expectations of the quality, simplicity and accessibility of services is rising in tandem. In recent years digital transformation has been hailed as a sliver bullet but often poor design process and costly failures on large scale projects have hindered progress. With many services running out of cost-cutting efficiencies the case for more radical, deep digital transformation is stronger than ever.

With devolution and localisation policies becoming increasingly embedded, digital innovation can provide greater value for communities, places and citizens and not only efficiencies. Policy making and service design can be brought closer together. Key to managing increasing demand is delivering better outcomes for service users without incurring further costs and freeing up frontline staff to concentrate on complex user needs. Online and digital services have proven to drive more effective and efficient signposting to preventative services, the next steps are focused on empowering service users and staff, and to use data and information for better decision making.

This event will focus on how to deliver more accurate, faster service responses and put service users at the core as we reshape public services for the future.

Digital transformation and new approaches to improving outcomes can make our public services more effective, more efficient and provided at lower cost to the taxpayer. This event is designed to explore the latest digital solutions and ways of workings to help meet the critical challenges ahead.

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