Venue: Manchester Central, Windmill St, Manchester M2 3GX

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CYBERUK 2018 is the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) flagship event on cyber security. Over three days, 1800+ people will attend events covering both strategy (CYBERUK Leadership) and delivery (CYBERUK In Practice) – giving you up to date information and industry leading insights.

Building on success

CYBERUK 2017 was rated a success by sponsors, exhibitors and delegates alike, so our approach this year is to learn from what worked best and build on it. Delegates liked the chance to mix with innovative start-ups as much as established names in the industry. We saw how well the informal atmosphere helped with networking, so we’ll have more networking events and more relaxed breakout areas. And we’ll be adding more ways for delegates to become a part of the event, from live polling and questions to more interactive events and team-based challenges.

CYBERUK 2018 will be a curated event, emphasising quality over quantity. Quality of speakers, quality of workshops, quality of exhibitors and, most of all, quality of delegates. Invitations will go out to the key decision makers and the most skilled professionals across every Whitehall department and the public sector. Both events will be free of charge to public sector participants. We’ll also attract thought leaders and specialists from Critical National Infrastructure, the information security and technology industry as well as Academia and the Third Sector. In other words, everyone at the conference needs to be there – and is worth getting to know.

A Diverse and Inclusive event

Following CYBERUK 2017, NCSC Technical Director Dr Ian Levy wrote about the need for a community of professionals to collectively deliver the goals of the National Cyber Security Strategy. I his closing speech Dr Levy threw out a call to arms to make the cyber security industry an exemplar for diversity and inclusion. In his blog, he discussed the need for a community code of conduct where we can all come together and describe "what's acceptable and what isn't", so that we can "start discouraging behaviours and attitudes we won't accept".

Since then, the NCSC, the wider community and businesses outside the security sector have worked on the code of conduct that we have released to trial at CYBERUK 2018. The eventual aim is for this to be a mandatory part of working with the NCSC and something that the whole community can be proud to back.

You can read the full policy here and more about the creation of the policy in this blog.

CYBERUK 2018: Three Days, Two Events, One Destination

The NCSC’s first annual review identified that the cyber security threat to the UK is large, growing and diverse. In its first year of operating, the NCSC has achieved a huge amount establishing itself as the lead UK authority when it comes to cyber security. To deliver the NCSC vision we need to create a wide range of partnerships between Government, Industry and Academia. More than this, we need to develop a national conversation with everyone living and working in the UK.

That means moving beyond encouraging partnership and co-operation, and looking to build a true community of interest, encompassing everyone with a stake in cyber security. And, since the online threat affects citizens, Industry, Government and wider society, this is the scope of the ‘big conversation’ we need to have. CYBERUK 2018 will be where this starts.

It will never be possible to stop every cyber attack, but the NCSC is committed to delivering a world-class incident management service. CYBERUK 2018 will give us an opportunity to discuss and identify how we can build on what we have done so far. 

We’ll also focus on some areas of the UK economy which face unique challenges in implementing effective cyber security, especially retail and the voluntary sectors. We will discuss how we can support them and help make them less vulnerable to attack.

We know that in the years ahead there is so much to do in countering the strategic threat to our values, prosperity and way of life.  People are our strongest link and we know that building a community of partners for cyber security is crucial to meeting these challenges together.

CYBERUK In Practice (10-11 April): Bringing together 1200+ information security professionals. This will include specialists in the design and development of online services and systems, plus professionals in procurement and delivery. It will be an opportunity to share best practice, learn about the latest security threats and solutions, and consider the growing challenges we all face.

CYBERUK Leadership (12 April): The Government’s leadership event for business and public sector decision makers and strategists.  This is where key senior staff – policy makers, CEOs and thought leaders – will learn about and contribute to the development of the latest thinking on how cyber security and business acumen come together to deliver successful business outcomes. Speakers will be drawn from the same community as the 600+ delegates – Government, Academia, the Third sector, Critical National Infrastructure and Industry.  Minister-led, it will feature senior representatives from GCHQ and the NCSC.  It will include the popular CYBERUK Leadership Networking Dinner on 11 April 2018.

Not just another event

The only UK Government-hosted event for this sector. CYBERUK 2018 will be the largest and most wide ranging event for cyber security leaders and professionals in the UK. It will attract the key players in Government, Academia, and Industry, and will offer unrivalled networking opportunities.

Truly interactive

Everything about the event will be designed to encourage debate, feedback and input. Bringing to you world-class speakers, creating dynamic Q&As, competing at the Cyber Games and sharing through interactive walls, we’ll create an event built around you. An event that will inform, challenge and inspire attendees – and create an atmosphere where networking is built-in, not bolted on.

Why attend?

  • Hear from thought leaders, be that Ministers, technology leaders, or others with interesting and relevant messages to give.
  • Meet leaders from across the sector.
  • Participate in challenging and thought provoking content.
  • Learn from the best – thought leaders from Government, Industry, Academia and the Critical National Infrastructure.
  • Connect with the wide range of public sector participants, personally invited by the UK Government.
  • Enjoy a mix of plenary talks, themed streams/tracks and Lightning Talks.


Streams and Tracks offer participants an opportunity to share information, explore case studies and take part in debates on issues around information and security.


Allow a deeper understanding of key issues, exchange ideas and develop effective action plans for the future, a strong workshop programme is offered at CYBERUK 2018.


Held during breaks, lunch and during the Drinks Reception and Networking Evening within the exhibition hall, against the clock 5-minute spotlight talks give you a concise briefing on key topics, latest innovations and pioneering ideas.


CYBERUK 2018 will include demo sessions, inspirational talks, tailored workshops and plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate.

The event programme will be rich in real-world experience, using case studies and scenarios to bring to life challenges and solutions faced by event participants. There will be a mixture of high impact plenary talks, themed Streams, Tracks and interactive activities centred on the informal networking area. Throughout the event you can add your challenges, feedback and questions and chat to our graphic artist who will find visual ways to capture your insights.