Converting observational data into development outcomes for small-holders in the Global South: Preliminary evidence from Ghana

Time: 13.00-14.00

Venue: Ganges Room, 1st Floor Arthur Lewis building, University of Manchester

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Speaker: Dr Richard Dunscombe  (Lecturer in Information Systems and Development, GDI) 

Integration of observational data from satellite imagery, drones, meteorological instruments, localised sensing and ground-truth activity is creating new opportunities for improved decision-making in the planning, operation and monitoring of agricultural production and rural development in the Global South.  Of particular interest are systems that can support small-holder farmers, a neglected sector of agriculture that makes by far the greatest contribution to agricultural production and food security. This seminar presents results of a scoping study which identifies the opportunities and challenges associated with 'precision agriculture' in Ghana, which investigates how to bridge the gap between the technical delivery of agricultural data and new decision making structures and business models that can deliver the intended development outcomes. 

Richard Duncombe is a lecturer in Information Systems and Development with the Global Development Institute. The scoping study was funded by a SEED (School for Environment, Education and Development) Strategic Support Fund Grant.