CoinFest UK 2017

Venue: Manchester Conference Centre, M1 3BB

Sorry, this event has now ended.

CoinFestUK 2017 is taking place at the Manchester Conference Centre (M1 3BB) in Manchester on April 7th & 8th 2017. The event will feature a range of speaker presentations, exhibitions, workshops and a documentary screening followed by a Q&A with the films producer. CoinFestUK will host a range of speaker presentations throughout morning and afternoon sessions, including:

  • Alejandro DeLaTorre (
  • Gary Broadfield (Bitcoin and The Law)
  • Dan Hughes  (Radix, Formerly eMunie)
  • Ronny Boesing (OpenLedger)
  • Cashaa
  • Nick Ayton
  • Alice Corsini (Oraclize)
  • Dominic Frisby
  • Yanislav Malahov (Aeternity)
  • Valentina Picozzi (Satoshi Gallery)
  • Samuel Barnes (Democracy on the Blockchain)
  • and the BitcoinRat himself....................

Exhibitors including Radix (Formerly eMunie), Cashaa team, Beyond the void,, Aureus and OKCash will be present at the event showcasing their latest developments. Bitcoin ATMs will also be present from both BCB ATMs and Satoshipoint, giving attendees easy access to picking up some Bitcoin. Another part of the CoinFestUK event is built around educating attendees especially beginners in the basics of Bitcoin and Mining, the beginner workshops include Bitcoin education sessions hosted Matthew from Portsmouth Crypto and Mining education sessions showing attendees the fundamentals of mining and how it works. As well as beginner courses the 2017 CoinFestUK event will host more workshops including Intro to Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Distributed Databases hosted by Glynn Bird and a workshop hosted by the HackerHouse team where they will be demoing their cyber security training modules.

The CoinFestUK event is free to attend and tickets are available now via the website. Although tickets aren't required to attend the event they are promoted as each ticket will be linked to its own raffle ID with scanned tickets being entered into the events raffles each day. Raffle prizes currently include Bitcoin debit cards, t-shirts from the BitcoinStore, custom cold storage wallets and Bitcoin related books and collectible crypto goodies.

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