CMI Seminar: A Counter Public of the Right

Time: 15.00 - 16.15

Venue: 2.07 Humanities Bridgeford Street, University of Manchester

Sorry, this event has now ended.

The Cathie Marsh Institute welcomes Andreas Jungherr from the Center for Data and Methods, University of Konstanz who will be speaking on the topic:

A counter public of the right: A comparison of content and behavioural patterns within communities of supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Reddit


The role of digital media in enabling counter publics has been well-established. While prior research has predominantly focused on counter publics associated with the political left, currently, we see digital media to feature strongly among supporters of the right. This raises the question whether their use can be characterized as counter publics, used to form, find, and maintain alternative spaces for information exchange, discourse, and communal interaction in opposition to wider publics, they perceive as hostile. We examine content on the popular online forum Reddit during the US-presidential election of 2016. Specifically, we compare comments posted in two subreddits by supporters of a prominent candidate of the populist-right, Donald Trump, and those of a candidate on center-left, Hillary Clinton. We show that Trump supporters used their subreddit to post alternative information to those discussed in wider publics, engaged more strongly in community building, and expressed more strongly anti-elitism and exclusionism.

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