Buildings, internet of things and open data - Can we create consent?

Time: 15.00-17.00

Venue: Federation, Federation Street Manchester, M4 4BF

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Sensors and the Internet of Things have the ability to transform the way we manage infrastructure. Open Data Manchester in partnership with Sensorstream Ltd and Things Manchester in collaboration with Rennes Metropole is exploring how data from sensors can be collected, analysed and released as open data.

Areas of workshop discussion:

  • Overview of technologies being used for monitoring buildings - using as an example a pilot LoRaWAN sensor network being implemented in Manchester and programmes taking place in Rennes.
  • Can the sharing of sensor data make our cities more efficient and environmentally sustainable

  • What are the risks of sharing and how can they be mitigated against

  • How can data be licensed as open data?

  • Can we create a consent framework to allow data to be released?

The project

The Knowable Building Framework is developing an open source internet of things consent framework for monitoring the performance of older commercial buildings in a non-invasive way using discrete low power sensors, and if appropriate publishing the data from these sensors as open data. Unlike modern stock, older buildings often fall behind as far as the utilisation of new technology is concerned. Many landlords undertake a certain amount of retrofitting such as zonal heating or movement detection systems but these tend to be ad hoc and unconnected, with no ability to monitor how effectively these systems are working either singly or together. The internet of things and the analysis of data derived from sensors can give landlords, building management and tenants insight into the performance of buildings, enabling adaptations that can be economically and environmentally beneficial, whilst also creating opportunities for behaviour change within those buildings. The sharing of performance data as open data can also have benefits for mapping energy usage and demand within cities as well as creating a debate about responsible energy consumption.

Who should participate?

Building owners and managers, city officials, IoT technologists, open data specialists, data governance and privacy people.

Registration is available on the Manchester Digital website.