Big Data Week London Conference 2017

Time: 08.00-17.00

Venue: etc venues 155 Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street 155 Bishopsgate, Liverpool St, London, EC2M 3YD

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Deadline for paper submissions: September 1st 2017

As it has grown over the previous editions, the Big Data Week London Conference is now spinning a more elaborate yarn in terms of topics and content, focusing on a horizontal approach that encompasses a vast array of domains, bringing on stage topics that cover a wider range of industries and staging three main tracks to tackle the hottest technologies and tech trends.

This year’s tracks will offer you the latest discoveries and showcase best practices that you can take away for direct implementation.

  • Data Science, Analytics and visualisation- Data science, data engineering and data visualisation challenges in the wild.
    – Predictive Modelling
    – Data Mining
    – Applied Data Science
    – Challenges in Extracting Value from Data
    – Data-Driven Customer Insight
    – Web Analytics
    – Data Analytics Case Studies
    – Visualising Unstructured Data
    – Visual Storytelling
    – 3D & Real-Time Visualisations
    – User Experience Design (UX/UI)
    – Data Visualisation Tools and Best Practices
    – Impact of Data Visualisation on Business Decision Making

  • Big Data Architectures: Spark, Hadoop, Security, Cloud - Architectural decisions can make or break a project.
    – Hadoop: Getting value from unstructured data
    – Enterprise Architecture, Fin Tech
    – Cyber Security
  • AI, Real-time & IoT porjects - Fast moving data and real-time decisions will power our world.
    – Real-Time Analytics with Big Data
    – Data Engineering
    – Advanced Computing and Scientific Methods
    – Using Big Data & Analytics to Innovate Future City Infrastructure
    – Smart Mobility & Transportation
    – Big Data for Environmental Control
    – Data Security in a Connected World
    – The Data behind Smart Cities
    – Business Models to Embrace IoT

The Call for Papers is now open, so submit yours here today!

Further information, and tickets for the conference, are available on the Big Data Week website