Basic Statistics: Understanding and Analysing Data

Venue: University of Manchester, M13 9PL.

Sorry, this event has now ended.

The purpose of this course is to help participants understand some basic statistical concepts and develop a strategy for approaching simple data analysis. The course will introduce basic concepts such as hypothesis and confidence interval estimation. It will provide the tools to undertake simple analysis of a data set and will include some helpful hints and tips for reading and understanding reported statistics.

By the end of the course, participants will understand basic approaches to statistical inference. They will be equipped with the skills necessary to undertake simple analyses and to understand some of the basic terms often used to report statistical results. The course will mainly use calculations by hand to aid understanding, but will include Excel for some statistical results.

Topics Covered

Day 1: The normal distribution, basic study design, data summary, confidence intervals, introduction to hypothesis tests, analysis of contingency tables -- the chi-squared test.

Day 2: T-tests, non-parametric tests, (Wilcoxon signed rank test, Mann-Whitney U test), correlation and regression, basic presentation of data and results.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at those who have either never undertaken a formal statistics course, or those who have studied some statistics in the past but wish to undertake a refresher. It is ideal for statistical novices who have never had any formal training but are starting to encounter statistics in their work and wish to gain some insight.

Assumed Knowledge

No prior knowledge is assumed.

Fees (Registration before 12 August 2019)

Non Member £596+vat
RSS Fellow £507+vat
RSS CStat: also MIS, FIS & GradStat £478+vat

Fees (Registration on/after 12 August 2019)

Non Member £663+vat
RSS Fellow £563+vat
RSS CStat: also MIS, FIS & GradStat £530+vat

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