Advances in On-device Machine Learning on Android Seminar

Time: 14.00

Venue: Kilburn L.T 1.4, The University of Manchester

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Abstract: Deep Machine Learning has changed the computing paradigm. Products of today are built with machine intelligence as a central attribute, and consumers are beginning to expect near-human interaction with the appliances they use. Widespread increase in availability of connected “smart” appliances means that there is an ever-expanding surface area for intelligence in ambient consumer devices. However, much of the Deep Learning revolution has been limited to the cloud because of a number of technical challenges. This presentation aims to provide a short-yet-comprehensive overview of technical challenges involved and Google’s responses to address them.

Dr. Hrishikesh (Hrishi) Aradhye leads AI and Data Science for Google's platforms and ecosystems products, which includes Android, Chrome, Play Store, Auto, WearOS, TV, and IoT. Some of these products have billions of monthly active users, and some are on track to get there. Prior to this role, he led engineering for Google Play Apps and Games for four years, and before then he led computer vision applications for YouTube as a part of Google Research. In ten years at Google, he has been on both research and product development sides of engineering at Google. His current responsibilities include improving Google's own products via machine learning but also evangelize on-device ML in developer and academic communities.