45th Intelligent Sensing Programme - Wearables for Diagnostics

Time: 9:30 - 16:30

Venue: Bristol

Sorry, this event has now ended.

Key market needs in the monitoring of healthcare and wellbeing are being addressed by wearable technology: transforming the market for healthy living and sports over the past few years.

Young startups are competing directly with major electronic companies to create new wearable sensors/ body sensor networks to address an array of new healthcare sector needs, such as long term care, clinical diagnostics and rehabilitation, chronic disease care etc. The UK, as a World-leading key innovation base, has a vibrant wearable sensing community, rich research expertise, an active industrial base and also end-user communities. The wearables market is expected to continue to rapidly grow to reach over $19billion within the next two years.

Improvements are needed in microsensors, low power microelectronics, wireless communication, connectivity, big data and data analytics to enable more-complex systems to further support these markets. To achieve such an objective, technology developers will face challenges in not only further improving the associated technologies, but also regulatory compliance and market acceptance. Many of these challenges will need the close collaboration of different wearable technology stakeholders.

This workshop will bring together end-user communities, technology providers, researchers, funding agencies and other key stakeholders in the UK, to:

  • Network
  • Share knowledge of market opportunities, needs and challenges
  • Discuss state of art of wearable sensing technologies
  • Develop new ideas and collaborations

Major industry leaders, leading academic experts and end users have been invited to share their knowledge and expertise with participants. Exhibition space will also be provided for innovators to showcase their technologies and capabilities.