Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that are frequently asked. Frequently.

We support the network of almost 1000 researchers at the University of Manchester who are involved in digital research by building communities areound multidisciplinary themes, building relationships with external organisations and partners in an area of increasing importance. We do this through:

Internal events: Regular events focussed around our core multidisciplinary themes and emerging opportunities. These are an excellent opportunity for researchers to share their findings and to explore areas where researchers in one field of digital research could learn from researchers in other fields.

External events: Presenting at events organised by others are important ways for us to facilitate new relationships and maintain existing ones.

Communications: We publicise news, events and funding opportunities of interest to our internal and external communities.

Support for research funding applications: We help researchers prepare interdisciplinary grant proposals - for example, by introducing appropriate internal and external collaborators. We also work with external partners to identify ways in which the results of the research can have real-world impact.

Digital Futures runs a programme of activities across individual themes and pairs or cluster of themes, designed to foster more inter-disciplinary work within and across disciplines and themes, and to promote our work to external stakeholders. Join our network to receive all the latest news and events from Digital Futures and the themes. Please indicate the themes you are interested in by checking the boxes below that apply.

Many of our activities are available to watch again – please check the theme and events pages for videos of past events.

You can also take part in our scoping activities, by participating in surveys on expertise and interest at UoM relating to our Citizens & Government, Cities & Environment, and Creative & Heritage themes.

Read more about the six Digital Futures Societal Challenge themes, six Cross-cutting Capability themes, and the Institutional theme activity, including key Research areas and Centres, Phd Students, and key academics in theme steering groups here: